Florencia Romero

Audio Description and Audiovisual Translation


audiovisual Audiovisual translation Subtitling, translation of scripts for dubbing and voice over for movies, TV shows, realities, documentaries, and any kind of audiovisual content.
accessibility Accessibility (AD, SDH/CC) Audio description for visually impaired people, and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for movies, TV series, realities, documentaries...
videogames Video Game Localization Video game translation and adaptation of all kinds of video games. Content, menus, dialogue, credits, banners...
software General localization Translation and adaptation of websites, mobile apps, and software using Computer Assisted Tools (CAT).
revision Editing & Proofreading Revision, editing and proofreading (orthotypography and style) of general texts, articles, books, academic documents, etc.
text General Translation Translation of general texts, novels, literary works, journalistic articles, blogs, travel guides, comics...


About me

Finalist in the audio description category in the X ATRAE Awards (2022) and in the XI ATRAE Awards (2023).
My name is Florencia, and I am officially an English and French into Spanish translator since 2013, though my vocation started much earlier. Since I was a little girl I have been passionate about reading, and back in 2003 I discovered that my favorite book saga was being released in English earlier than in Spanish, so I thought: "How nice would it be to help people experience these stories in their own language?". It was then when I fell in love with translation. While I was studying, I had the opportunity to translate all kinds of texts and content. The challenges of translating movies and TV shows, the creativity, the play on words, the puns and jokes, and the differences between cultures made me realize that I really liked audiovisual translation. Furthermore, I wanted to help people with different capabilities fully enjoy audiovisual products, so I started my formation in accessibility, and now I work with it in a professional capacity. I am also part of the Accessibility Committee and the Awards Committee of ATRAE (Association of Translation and Audiovisual Adaptation in Spain). When I finished University, I studied a Master's Degree (METAV), and I discovered a new passion for localization, specifically for video game localization. In addition to all that, my innate perfectionism, my attention to details, and focus on orthography and grammar made me wonder if I might be a good editor and proofreader as well. And, in fact, my first job was as an audiobook editor and reviewer. I see myself as a passionate and versatile person, and as a freelance translator, I can combine all of my passions. I trully enjoy working on what I love, always having a different project to tinker with, and knowing that all my clients are satisfied.


Would you like to make your audiovisual content accessible? Do you need a translation? Do you have an audiovisual project in mind? Count on me!
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